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Taking Good Care of Your Snorkel Mask

Yes, you have to buy the best snorkel mask you can find. But you will still need to take good care of your gear to prevent it from becoming unusable. Here’s how you do it –

How to Maintain a New Mask

There could be liquid silicone and even oily residue in a new mask, which you will have to get rid off before using. You can clean with a non-gel toothpaste or liquid detergent. You should clean both the lens inside and its outside. Be careful when you are rubbing the lens to ensure that there is no scratching. Coat the entire surface. Rinse off.

Maintaining While in Transit

Be careful when you are going to your snorkeling site with the mask, as the lens can break. There is a protective case with a few models, which is good because this prevents scratching. Wrap some clothing around the full face snorkeling mask, perhaps your t-shirt or a soft towel if there is no case. In many gear bags, you will also find a pocket built-in where you may keep your mask.

What to Do Before Traveling

Before leaving for your snorkel trip, check its strap as well as the buckle to make sure that there is no wear and tear. Change the strapping, or better, get a new full-face snorkel mask. Keep it close to you so you can still snorkel in case your luggage is lost. While packing, always cover your mask with soft clothing to prevent scratching.

Just Before the Snorkel

Check the strap and buckle once more just to be sure. If there is tempered glass, you need to defog the lens as well.

A Few Tips You Will Find Useful

  1. Always rinse your mask using clean water once you get out of water. Get rid of any sand or grit you find. Remove the salty residues too.
  2. Dry before you store it away to make sure there is no odor.
  3. Never dry your mask in sunlight directly as the silicone can get damaged. You might end up with a discolored silicone skirt and strap as well.
  4. Keep the mask face-up when it is not in use.
  5. It should be on face when you are snorkeling. The defogging solution won’t work when you remove it.
  6. Never keep the mask on the forehead. A wave may remove it. The neck is a better place when not in use.
  7. Store the mask in an airtight container if you don’t have a protective case.

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What To Look For In A Good Scuba Mask

Scuba diving offers an amazing opportunity to delve into the amazing aquatic life and view aquatic creatures in their natural habitats.

However, in order for you to enjoy life under water, you require a very good scuba mask.

The wrong scuba mask could turn your submerged trip into an irritating source of discomfort. I am going to walk you through what to look for in a good scuba mask.

1. The design

There are several design components that you should keep in mind while acquiring a scuba mask.

The first design feature to look out for is the number of lenses or windows which will make up the scuba masks’ viewing area.

Single window scuba mask consists of one large viewing area at the front. Dual window masks have separate lenses for each eye.

Triple window masks have one large lens in front just like the single masks but they have two additional ones on the sides to enable the diver to view the periphery.

Experience has revealed that the more the lenses do not always translate to a better view.

Side windows may be a source of distraction, especially when diving in shallow waters on a sunny day.

But if you intend to use corrective lenses you should go for two-window masks which many manufacturers have premade for different prescriptions.

2. The internal volume

The empty space that can be filled with air while wearing the mask is called the internal volume. A mask with a lower internal volume is preferable because of two reasons.

First, equalizing the mask is easier, masks with large internal volume will require you to add more air in order to equalize.

Secondly, a mask with a small volume holds less water meaning it takes less air to clear.

3. The materials used to make it

While purchasing a scuba mask you should put into consideration the material used to make them.

Some are made with silicone skirts and some are made from natural rubber.

If you are allergic to any of these materials, or just dislike it, then you should inform the seller.

Another factor to consider is the material used to make the lenses.

While plastic lenses may be more attractive due to their pocket friendliness’ they are prone to scratches and may considerably reduce your fun due to poor visibility.

Instead, go for the ones that are made from tempered glass.

4. How the mask fits

Since every human being is uniquely and wonderfully made finding a mask that fits everyone is next to impossible. Your cheek bones nose shape and size will determine how a mask fits. Therefore, take your time while choosing one that you feel comfortable in

There may be other factors to consider depending on personal preferences such as the color of the mask and your budget. Whichever the case I hope you will get one that offers maximum enjoyment.


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How to make the most of sleeping on your side

All my life I’ve always been one of those people who look like a starfish while sleeping. I couldn’t understand those telling me that they feel super uncomfortable sleeping on their stomach, until couple of months ago I started noticing, that the usual sleeping position is not comfortable anymore.

Suddenly my favorite sleeping time was not enjoyable anymore.

So I started looking for new sleeping positions, that will feel comfy and bring back nights when I used to get enough quality sleep time.

In a week or so I found myself falling asleep on my side.

After that, I was quite interested in how sleeping positions act on our health.

I started studying the topic and found out, that sleeping on your side can be very helpful. If you are suffering from snoring sleeping on your side can actually help you to decrease the frequency and also it’s very useful if you have back pains, as it elongates your spine which help the back pain disappear.

And as sleeping itself a very important phase in our daily life, I decided to make the most out of it and found things and tricks that will improve my sleeping even more.

First thing, that you usually stumble upon while reading about side sleeping side effects, is that because of having your face directly smushed on the pillow you can suffer from early aging. The solution for this is easier than you think. Just get a satin pillowcase.

It will prevent unwanted wrinkles.

It’s really that simple.

Another great thing that I found, actually one of my friends advised me to do it, is placing a pillow between my knees while sleeping. Not only this is one of the most comfortable things in the world, it also helps your hips to stay in balanced position preventing possible muscle pain.

And if are someone extra like me or you are new to side sleeping and find yourself turning on your back or stomach during the night, just take two extra pillows and place one of them as a support on your back and the other one on your stomach.

Believe me, you’ll find yourself extra comfortable being all surrounded with soft pillows. Or if you like me, you can pick up one of the best pillows for side sleepers here.

So know when you’ve find out how to have the best and most health sleep in your life, just take those pillows and get into the position and have a good night and sweet dreams.

Indoor Tanning Has An Alternative To Sun Tanning

Whether you are trying indoor tanning for the first time in your life to get ready for a vacation or to keep your summer tan throughout the entire year, there are rules that should be followed.

These rules are vital for your safety and also for your health.

Numerous people visit tanning salons thinking that they don’t present similar health risks as tanning in the sun.

While the risks are less, they are still there.

The traditional tanning salon relies on the use of a tanning bed to produce a tan for a customer. This process is known to open the body to the harmful UVA rays and can cause skin cancer. On the off chance that you are going to use this method of indoor tanning, use a good indoor tanning lotion with a SPF of at least 8, however not more than 15.

Because of the dangers of traditional indoor tanning, and the fact that people still want to maintain a tan all through the winter, the industry has invented a few answers.

Sunless tanning booths and sunless tanning products are the most popular decisions with consumers.

They are safe, look good and are effortlessly applied.

Sunless tanning booths operate by actually spraying a mist that contains DHA to create the illusion of a tan. DHA is similar color added substance that is used in cosmetics; it covers the body in a color-in this case a changing degree of tan. This type of tanning has had drawbacks when applying color to the feet and hands of a person, these issues have been tended to and is not a worry in most tanning salons.

A spray on tan does not keep going long, around 3-5 days.

Therefore, the tanning industry has built up various systems that permit you to perform this procedure in the solace of your home. These systems can be found in local stores and salons and in addition in lists and online.

Sunless tanning lotions first made their appearance on the market some time back. Everybody knows the reputation that these products had for leaving the skin orange rather than tan. These early products turned numerous consumers off to this alternative to sun tanning. Gratefully, the industry has been working on this specific issue and has understood it for the vast majority. Be careful, be that as it may, the less expensive lotions may at present turn skin orange.

Sunless tanning lotions work similarly as the spray tanners. They coat the skin with a DHA colouring. The greatest difference is that it is applied by hand and at home. It is important to carefully follow the greater part of the instructions for use that are printed on the package.

This important step will help you avoid elbows, feet and hands that seem darker than the rest of your body. This type of a tan endures about the same as the airbrush solution, around 3-5 days.

In any case, by applying a layer or two ordinary, you can build upon the tan that you are creating. In this manner, you can control how profound the colour of the tan becomes.

Indoor tanning is becoming a safer alternative to lying in the sun.

As the populace adapts more about the dangers of the sun, they are looking for their tan from safer methods.