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How to make the most of sleeping on your side

All my life I’ve always been one of those people who look like a starfish while sleeping. I couldn’t understand those telling me that they feel super uncomfortable sleeping on their stomach, until couple of months ago I started noticing, that the usual sleeping position is not comfortable anymore.

Suddenly my favorite sleeping time was not enjoyable anymore.

So I started looking for new sleeping positions, that will feel comfy and bring back nights when I used to get enough quality sleep time.

In a week or so I found myself falling asleep on my side.

After that, I was quite interested in how sleeping positions act on our health.

I started studying the topic and found out, that sleeping on your side can be very helpful. If you are suffering from snoring sleeping on your side can actually help you to decrease the frequency and also it’s very useful if you have back pains, as it elongates your spine which help the back pain disappear.

And as sleeping itself a very important phase in our daily life, I decided to make the most out of it and found things and tricks that will improve my sleeping even more.

First thing, that you usually stumble upon while reading about side sleeping side effects, is that because of having your face directly smushed on the pillow you can suffer from early aging. The solution for this is easier than you think. Just get a satin pillowcase.

It will prevent unwanted wrinkles.

It’s really that simple.

Another great thing that I found, actually one of my friends advised me to do it, is placing a pillow between my knees while sleeping. Not only this is one of the most comfortable things in the world, it also helps your hips to stay in balanced position preventing possible muscle pain.

And if are someone extra like me or you are new to side sleeping and find yourself turning on your back or stomach during the night, just take two extra pillows and place one of them as a support on your back and the other one on your stomach.

Believe me, you’ll find yourself extra comfortable being all surrounded with soft pillows. Or if you like me, you can pick up one of the best pillows for side sleepers here.

So know when you’ve find out how to have the best and most health sleep in your life, just take those pillows and get into the position and have a good night and sweet dreams.