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Taking Good Care of Your Snorkel Mask

Yes, you have to buy the best snorkel mask you can find. But you will still need to take good care of your gear to prevent it from becoming unusable. Here’s how you do it –

How to Maintain a New Mask

There could be liquid silicone and even oily residue in a new mask, which you will have to get rid off before using. You can clean with a non-gel toothpaste or liquid detergent. You should clean both the lens inside and its outside. Be careful when you are rubbing the lens to ensure that there is no scratching. Coat the entire surface. Rinse off.

Maintaining While in Transit

Be careful when you are going to your snorkeling site with the mask, as the lens can break. There is a protective case with a few models, which is good because this prevents scratching. Wrap some clothing around the full face snorkeling mask, perhaps your t-shirt or a soft towel if there is no case. In many gear bags, you will also find a pocket built-in where you may keep your mask.

What to Do Before Traveling

Before leaving for your snorkel trip, check its strap as well as the buckle to make sure that there is no wear and tear. Change the strapping, or better, get a new full-face snorkel mask. Keep it close to you so you can still snorkel in case your luggage is lost. While packing, always cover your mask with soft clothing to prevent scratching.

Just Before the Snorkel

Check the strap and buckle once more just to be sure. If there is tempered glass, you need to defog the lens as well.

A Few Tips You Will Find Useful

  1. Always rinse your mask using clean water once you get out of water. Get rid of any sand or grit you find. Remove the salty residues too.
  2. Dry before you store it away to make sure there is no odor.
  3. Never dry your mask in sunlight directly as the silicone can get damaged. You might end up with a discolored silicone skirt and strap as well.
  4. Keep the mask face-up when it is not in use.
  5. It should be on face when you are snorkeling. The defogging solution won’t work when you remove it.
  6. Never keep the mask on the forehead. A wave may remove it. The neck is a better place when not in use.
  7. Store the mask in an airtight container if you don’t have a protective case.

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