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What To Look For In A Good Scuba Mask

Scuba diving offers an amazing opportunity to delve into the amazing aquatic life and view aquatic creatures in their natural habitats.

However, in order for you to enjoy life under water, you require a very good scuba mask.

The wrong scuba mask could turn your submerged trip into an irritating source of discomfort. I am going to walk you through what to look for in a good scuba mask.

1. The design

There are several design components that you should keep in mind while acquiring a scuba mask.

The first design feature to look out for is the number of lenses or windows which will make up the scuba masks’ viewing area.

Single window scuba mask consists of one large viewing area at the front. Dual window masks have separate lenses for each eye.

Triple window masks have one large lens in front just like the single masks but they have two additional ones on the sides to enable the diver to view the periphery.

Experience has revealed that the more the lenses do not always translate to a better view.

Side windows may be a source of distraction, especially when diving in shallow waters on a sunny day.

But if you intend to use corrective lenses you should go for two-window masks which many manufacturers have premade for different prescriptions.

2. The internal volume

The empty space that can be filled with air while wearing the mask is called the internal volume. A mask with a lower internal volume is preferable because of two reasons.

First, equalizing the mask is easier, masks with large internal volume will require you to add more air in order to equalize.

Secondly, a mask with a small volume holds less water meaning it takes less air to clear.

3. The materials used to make it

While purchasing a scuba mask you should put into consideration the material used to make them.

Some are made with silicone skirts and some are made from natural rubber.

If you are allergic to any of these materials, or just dislike it, then you should inform the seller.

Another factor to consider is the material used to make the lenses.

While plastic lenses may be more attractive due to their pocket friendliness’ they are prone to scratches and may considerably reduce your fun due to poor visibility.

Instead, go for the ones that are made from tempered glass.

4. How the mask fits

Since every human being is uniquely and wonderfully made finding a mask that fits everyone is next to impossible. Your cheek bones nose shape and size will determine how a mask fits. Therefore, take your time while choosing one that you feel comfortable in

There may be other factors to consider depending on personal preferences such as the color of the mask and your budget. Whichever the case I hope you will get one that offers maximum enjoyment.


Thanks to Samuel Blake from who made this post possible.